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Almal Real Estate Development Introduces Harrisoni La Mer Villas, Luxury Developments that Boast Privacy and Elegance

Updated: Apr 15

Dedicated to redefining sophisticated living, the company is investing in spacious plots across Dubai, showcasing exceptional villas that boast the highest standards of design, catering to the discerning tastes of investors and those seeking the epitome of opulence.

Dubai, UAE (29 January 2024): Almal Real Estate Development, a Dubai-based investment and development company focusing on hospitality and residential projects, is pleased to unveil the Harrisoni La Mer villas, its latest venture into the realm of luxury real estate. Backed by substantial international experience and a dedicated team of industry professionals, the company’s expertise covers three key domains: real estate development, investment services, and hospitality. With these new flagship villas, Almal Real Estate Development aims to further deliver upscale living for residents and exceptional returns for investors.

Situated on the astonishing La Mer Island, the new Harrisoni villas present a tranquil haven in the heart of Dubai. The location of this unique island is exceptionally breathtaking, featuring secluded territories that allow the villas to be isolated from the noisy metropolis, while the iconic city landmarks still remain nearby. Residents can reach the city center and Burj Khalifa by a mere 10-minute drive or escape to the picturesque shoreline that is only 100 meters away from their homes.

Boasting over 1,000 square meters each, the villas are situated in an exclusive community that enjoys the best that seaside life can offer, from clean air and scenic views to majestic sunsets and the meditative whisper of the waves. Residents can also enjoy the charming beauty of the glittering city, with a roof terrace offering awe-inspiring views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s skyline. The name “Harrisoni” comes from a rare species of coral found only in the Arabian Gulf, which symbolizes the unique and unparalleled characteristics of these villas – truly one-of-a-kind and unavailable anywhere else.

Designed by XBD Collective, an international architecture and interior design firm, every element in the villas is carefully considered to reflect a seamless fusion of luxury and functionality. Drawing inspiration from Miami-style architecture and traditional Arabic influences, the Harrisoni La Mer villas resonate deeply with local and international buyers seeking a blend of sophistication and cultural resonance. Modern architectural marvels, the exteriors are finished with a myriad of materials including glass, metal, wood, and textured natural stone, harmonizing natural and futuristic motifs in the building’s exquisite appearance.

Focused on capturing the essence of the island’s coastal charm, the villas’ large windows and glass doors maximize the view and establish a strong connection with the surrounding environment. Natural materials like limestone and wood complement contemporary styles, emphasizing clean lines and minimalist aesthetics for a sophisticated living experience. Through meticulous landscaping and a carefully selected desert and ocean-inspired colour palette, these astonishing properties create a blend of modernity and coastal beauty.

The villas’ interior design is just as sensational, complete with premium furniture to create an inspiring environment and a place where one can disconnect from the outside world. The neutral interior palette, featuring Greek marble flooring and strategic use of natural teak wood, adds warmth without overwhelming the space. The aesthetics of each room are carefully thought out to the last detail, transforming each property into a haven of sophistication and respite.

Artistically created to offer a well-rounded living experience, the Harrisoni La Mer villas incorporate a plethora of additional elements, including smart-home integration and avant-garde amenities for the ultimate convenience. The properties also have sustainability at their heart, using eco-friendly components such as AAC blocks and mineral wool insulation in external walls, alongside sustainable technologies like solar panels and energy-efficient motorized louvres, reducing the environmental impact for residents.

“The newly launched Harrisoni La Mer villas project marks a significant milestone in our commitment to redefining upscale luxury living,” remarked Mohammad Khader, Head of Developments at Almal Real Estate Development. “Our strategic positioning within prestigious communities like La Mer ensures that our properties benefit from the allure of exclusive locations while providing easy access to the vibrant city center. We consistently monitor market trends and buyer preferences, making sure that our luxury properties remain at the forefront of the evolving demands in the UAE real estate landscape.”

Since its inception in 2022, Almal Real Estate Development has been rapidly expanding into the luxury property market. In addition to the Harrisoni La Mer villas, the company has entered a strategic partnership with Al Marjan Island, investing $150 million to develop a 400-key entertainment hotel in Ras Al-Khaimah. With a strategic approach driven by data-backed planning and up-to-date studies, the company aims to establish itself as a key player in the UAE’s dynamic real estate landscape.


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Marketing and PR: Oksana Vitkovska 


About Almal Real Estate Development:

Almal Real Estate Development is a dynamic investment and development firm headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Specializing in high-yield projects within the hospitality and residential sectors, the company leverages extensive expertise in investments, real estate, and construction.

The developer’s residential portfolio includes the Harrisoni La Mer in Dubai, a two-floor luxury haven that seamlessly blends meticulous design inspired by Arabic traditions with a European lifestyle. These fully furnished villas offer a retreat from the world, radiating comfort and style.

Within the hospitality sector, Almal's standout project is a luxury hotel and residence situated on the beachfront line of Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Serving as the flagship project, it boasts nearly 350 room keys, diverse dining options, and entertainment facilities. This endeavor signifies Almal's commitment to redefining luxury hospitality experiences.


For media inquiries or more information, please contact:  


Vani Krishna - (+971 54 451 0310) or 

Haroon Tahir - (+971 55 162 1688)

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