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The Unexpected Al Marjan Island Hotels & Residences

Step into a world where luxury meets legend.

Nestled in the heart of the captivating shores of Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, amidst the pristine beauty of the Arabian Gulf and the first-ever casino in the UAE, The Unexpected Al Marjan Island Hotels & Residences is a destination where every sunset paints a new story and every moment is infused with possibility. But we're not just a destination; we're an experience waiting to be explored.

With 422 opulent rooms and suites, curated by the renowned Almal Real Estate Development, The Unexpected Al Marjan Island Hotels & Residences is more than just accommodation – it's an experience.

Unexpected Amenities


Unexpected Events and



8 Pools with Unexpected


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Wellness Center


Rooftop Infinity Pool with Private









Events Facilities


Beach Club with Premium VIP Amenities


Premium VIP Entertainment facilities


Unexpected Fashion Retail

Visual Collection

Sophisticated Lifestyle

Almal Real Estate Development has appointed Palladium Hotel Group to manage its flagship development under the renowned brand Ushuaïa Unexpected Hotels & Residences. The reputed Spanish hotel operator, with more than 50 years of hospitality experience, already manages more than 40 hotels in seven countries under 9 brands.

The Unexpected Hotels & Residences was born with the aim of being a hotel like no other. A unique space where guests have unforgettable experiences from check-in to check-out. Focused on the urban and vacation tourism segment, where luxury, music, and irreverence blend together to shape every corner of the hotel. Quality and service take precedence, above all else. And everything matters, from the smallest detail to the most ambitious experience that the guests can enjoy.


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  • Where is it located?
    Al Marjan Island, Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The property is situated at the roundabout exit to Wynn Island, making it the nearest property to the renowned Wynn Islands. The infrastructure is well developed: 30 mins to RAK International Airport; 40 mins to Sharjah International Airport; 50 mins to Dubai International Airport
  • How many units and what type of units does the property have?
    Hotel and Residence consists of 422 fully managed hotel and residential units. The hotel total is 319 with 235 Standard Room; 40 Junior Suits; 41 Suites; 3 VIP suites. The Residence total is 103 with 40 studios; 54 1-bed room; 9 2-bed rooms
  • What does it mean to be fully managed?
    The hotel and residential units are under a mandatory hospitality management program. The property is to be managed by the Palladium Hotel Group under the renowned brand Ushuaïa Unexpected Hotels & Residences.
  • Who is the Palladium Hotel Group?
    The Palladium Group is a reputable Spanish hotel operator with over 50 years of hospitality experience, managing more than 40 hotels in seven countries under nine brands.
  • What is the Ushuaïa Unexpected Hotels & Residences brand?
    The Unexpected Hotels & Residences is a pioneering luxury brand characterized by an innovative and disruptive spirit. The perfect blend of a high-quality culinary proposal, a cared design and a number of VIP experiences and services, will bring the hotel and residential proposal in Al Marjan Island to a new level of luxury and exclusivity, in line with an increasingly in-demand traveller profile.
  • Can owners choose between buying a hotel or residence?
    Yes, it is up to the owners what to buy.
  • What will be the projected profit for investors?
    Investors will receive 80% of the net room profit (after the operational expenses.
  • What will be the booking process?
    ● RESERVATION / APPLICATION FORM The Reservation Form details the basic terms of the sale, payment plans, and the purchaser’s personal information. ● PAYMENT OF RESERVATION DEPOSIT Following the receipt of the Reservation Deposit, the chosen residence will be reserved for the purchaser. ● SALES & PURCHASE AGREEMENT (SPA) Upon receiving the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), the purchaser will sign and send back the SPA to the developer, along with instructions for transferring the down payment to the ESCROW account. ● ISSUANCE OF INITIAL AGREEMENT FOR SALE Registration of the unit is completed and a certificate of ownership, known as the Initial agreement of Sale is issued in the purchaser’s name. Land Department fees and administration costs will apply at this step. ● SUBSEQUENT PAYMENTS To be made as per the payment plan and in compliance with the terms and conditions of the SPA.
  • What will be the fees owners need to pay to the Ras Al Khaimah government?
    4% on Rak Municipality Fees to issue title DEED for the buyer
  • What makes the Unexpected AI Marjan island Hotel and Residences stand out in comparison to other developments at Al Marjan Island?
    Fully managed by a legendary hospitality brand; Breathtaking Island and casino views; Direct and private beach access; Vibrant Atmosphere; Unexpected dining experience; Iconic Contemporary Design; The most careful VIP treatment; Exclusive mix of entertainment and sophistication AND THE ENERGY – ITS SIMPLY UNEXPECTED
  • What are the facilities to expect?
    Designed and fully managed one and two-bedroom residences; Luxurious hotel rooms and suites; World Class gourmet dining experience; Rooftop restaurant and bar with prime unexpected views; Spa and Wellness center; Fitness facilities; Social meeting rooms; Event spaces; Infinity pools.
  • Which factors may effect higher ROI?
    Several factors can influence the return on investment (ROI) for this property: Beach Club: Beach Club's will play a crucial role in defining ROI as is set to an exclusive entertainment dimension to the property. Brand value, operated by Palladium Hotel Group, the owners of renowned brand Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. The Unexpected brings a unique blend of curated interior design, diverse and high-quality culinary outlets, and exceptional VIP experiences – all this perfectly combined with first class entertainment. The Unexpected Hotels & Residences will bring the luxury experience to a new level in line with todays most exigent travellers. Location: The closest proximity to Wynn Casino Island increases attractiveness. The property is located just in front of Wynn without interruption if the view. This prime location offers guests easy access to both the vibrant entertainment scene at Ushuaïa Unexpected Experiences and the luxurious experience at Wynn Casino Island. The combination of world-class music events and the allure of a prestigious casino destination amplifies the hotel's attractiveness, drawing in guests seeking a dynamic and upscale getaway experience. Rates and Occupancy: The property has much higher opportunities for average room rates and occupancy than other neighboring plots due to the essence and nature of the brand.
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